Dr. Sunil V. Gode

Mr. Mahesh V. Mapxekar

Grace Cardiac : Upwards Growth Graph

With pollution taking the centre stage, health has become the first priority for all in today's scenario of changing lifestyles. People are conscious and cautious of their health and gladly spend on Medicare facilities. In the early days, it was hard to receive prompt medical aid in time of emergencies, but thanks to hospitals and nursing homes which is brought to our doorstep. The availability of medical aid, hospitals, nursing homes, and day care facilities has been reflected in the stress free mental makeup of common man who is sure of getting timely help, if and when, crises knock at the door. But this has again given rise to steep completion. Health care is not exception to the rule. 'Keep upgrading' is the mantra and no hospital denies this.

Grace Intensive Cardiac Care Centre and General hospital is one of those hospitals which believed in upgrading and adding to their facilities time and again. In the heart of the city of Margao gracefully stands Grace Cardiac, a multi-facility hospital that caters to the various medical requirements of the public. Commissioned on 20th August 2000, this spacious hospital boasts of owning and starting the first ICCU in the private medical aid business in Goa. In fact the sole motive behind Grace Cardiac was to cater to this utmost requirement and answering the cry of the hour it has got going along with this unit 10 years ago. It's been a long journey in a short span of time since then. Now they have all that is required to run a successful hospital.

Let us know about those two men behind this venture who jointly led the giant project ahead- Dr. Sunil V Gode and Dr. Mahesh Vishnu Mapxekar . These two childhood friends started the joint venture sharing the common interest of reaching out to the critically ill patients who needed ICCU. "Ten years ago no private hospital had this facility of ICCU. And it was sad to see patients suffering. It was this urge to help those needy persons that motivated us to go for an ICCU," says Dr. Sunil V Gode. There were many facilities which were not available in Goa in private sector. We were the first to start 24 hour service in laboratory, radiology, ambulance and rest of the services of the hospital.

By Dr. Sunil V. Gode